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The Roots Fairy II: Indian Summer (Part 3)

The next part by BLZBub. I'll post a long one of mine some time tomorrow, so stay alert.

The Roots Fairy II: Indian Summer
(Part 3)

by BLZBub

The night before she was going up to the Indian Reservation, Sahkyo couldn’t sleep. She had put off going to the reservation for a while so she could enjoy her temporary adulthood, but now she’d be going there. She knew she ought to be excited about it, but she couldn’t help but feel some dread. It still seemed very likely to her that the reservation was going to be so boring. She couldn’t imagine there’d be a lot to do up there. But she was out of excuses now and she had to go now. She hoped the Roots Fairy would keep her promise that it wouldn’t be dull.

The next day, Sahkyo got dressed up in more casual clothes. She didn’t know what to expect out at the reservation, except that it was probably going to be hot. She hoped the place wouldn’t be completely tech-free. There were still a few electronics she could operate without a problem, like fans. And she would desperately need a fan if it was going to be hot as she thought it was going to be.

And yet, when Sahkyo got there, it was not nearly as uncomfortable as she was dreading. The abode houses were build to keep the interiors cool despite the desert heat. Besides, just because they lived the Native American way didn’t mean they were savages: they had plenty of fans and Wi-Fi here. Not that Sahkyo could enjoy the Wi-Fi very much since she didn’t have a phone.

It also turned out that Sahkyo’s family wasn’t the only ones revisiting their roots this month. There were plenty of other families here and there other women that were in Sahkyo’s apparent age group. One of them was particularly friendly with her. “Hi there, you must be new around here,” said one young woman, “My name’s Cherish. You’re gonna have a lot of fun here.”

“Well, I hope so,” said Sahkyo, “There doesn’t seem a lot exciting here.”

“You know, I thought that too the first time I came here,” said Cherish, “But there’s a lot to enjoy about the Navajo way. For instance, I learned how to make my own dress.”

“Really?” asked Sahkyo.

“Yes, I’ll show it to you,” said Cherish, “Just give me a few minutes.”

“What do you think?” asked Cherish. Sahkyo had to admit Cherish’s dress was better-looking than she had expected. She wasn’t sure how close it was to true Navajo style. She was pretty sure that the Navajo wouldn’t wear so much grey or something so reflective. But the lapis stones did compliment the dress very well. Sahkyo felt it was a bit close to what Cherish had been wearing before and that was probably not a coincidence.

“Did you make this by yourself?” asked Sahkyo.

“Well, I had some help from my grandma,” said Cherish, “And Radmilla was a big help as well.”

“Who’s Radmilla?” asked Sahkyo.

“Oh, you haven’t met her yet? You simply have to,” said Cherish before taking Sahkyo’s hand and leading her through the village.

Cherish led Sahkyo to a house separate from the rest of the reservation, one that was a lot more modern. It was meant to be a community center for those who couldn’t bring their own computers to the reservation. In the computer room, they found two young women who were chatting happily. It was pretty obvious that they were sisters. It was also obvious that they had something other than Navajo ancestry. Sahkyo wasn’t the best judge on these things, but she was fairly certain they had some African-American in their bloodline. But that wasn’t that out of the ordinary. There were as many people of mixed blood here as there were pure Amerindians.

“Sahkyo, these are Radmilla and Jamie,” said Cherish, “Girls, this is Sahkyo. This is her first time here, believe it or not.”

“Good to see new blood here,” said Radmilla, shaking Sahkyo’s hand.

“This wasn’t what I expected the reservation to be,” said Sahkyo.

“You were expecting it to be dusty and low-tech?” asked Jamie, “So did we. But we still have modern stuff. It doesn’t get in the way of following the old rules. No rules against technology in the Navajo.”

“So…I hear you guys helped Cherish make her dress,” said Sahkyo.

“Yeah, that was a bit of work,” said Radmilla, “But it was fun as well. I put just as much effort in my dress. You want to see a picture?”

“Sure,” said Sahkyo. Radmilla pulled out a photo and showed it to her.

“Wow, you did a great job with this,” said Sahkyo.

“A lot of work went into it,” said Radmilla, “I suppose I could make you one, though it will take a while.”

Sahkyo was tempted to say ‘yes’, but she’d probably be back to being a kid long before the dress would be done. “No thanks,” she said, “But I have to say, the Navajo way is a lot more impressive than I thought it would be.”

“Oh, this is nothing,” said Radmilla, “Tomorrow, we’re going to be doing some reenactments.”

“Reenactments?” asked Sahkyo.

“Yeah, we’re going to dress up like actual Navajo and act like we’re really living in the Old West,” said Cherish, “There’s also going to be some cowboys coming over. You should totally join us.”

“I’m not sure,” said Sahkyo, “I don’t have anything to wear and I don’t know how to act.”

“Oh, we can get you the stuff to wear,” said Jamie, “And acting will be no problem. It’ll be fun.”

Sahkyo was doubtful for a moment, but hanging out at the reservation was more fun than she had imagined. Maybe this reenactment thing wouldn’t be so bad either. “Ok, I’ll give it a try.”

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My Sister's Keeper

I've never been a fan of these traditional, short captions, but I know many of you are, so I made a few of them to brighten this week as we wait for the really long story to arrive.

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The Roots Fairy II: Indian Summer (Part 2)

Premature Maturation is ready and I'll probably upload it as soon as The Roots Fairy is finished.

I decided to try and post some new content every days of this week, so come and check daily for a few one-shots from myself.

Today, though, we have this entry by BLZBub.

The Roots Fairy II: Indian Summer
(Part 2)

by BLZBub

Sahkyo was soon finding out that were quite a few advantages to being an adult. The other adults treated her with a lot more respect and took what she said seriously. She was able to drink alcohol now, tough it proved to be a little too much for her to take. Of course, since the alcohol available was mainly made of fermented cactus juice, it wasn’t something that an inexperienced person could handle very well. She was also able to keep up with adult conversations very well and was even able to add her own opinions and thoughts, which she probably wouldn’t even had if it weren’t for the magic that changed her. She considered smoking for a while, but that seemed like a bad habit to get started on.

However, there were a few drawbacks to her new status. Namely of how she was all but cut off from technology. There wasn’t really much in the way of tech out here, but her knowledge of it was the one thing that wasn’t expanded with the rest of her mind. She barely knew how to operate several devices, not that devices would be willing to work for her in the first place. Appliances had a way of shutting down when she touched them. Once she tried to take her cousin’s moped out for a ride but she couldn’t get the darn thing started no matter what she did. Sahkyo thus had a reputation as a walking tech-bane in her family, but at least she could ride in cars without causing problems so long as she wasn’t in the driver’s seat.

Sahkyo often went into town whenever the opportunity presented itself. There wasn’t much to do in this small town, but it seemed a little more exciting than the farm. There wasn’t much to buy at the general store, but it was still kinda fun shopping there. One place that Sahkyo often went to was the swimming pool. Given the dry and arid atmosphere of New Mexico, it was a pretty popular site to go to. Sahkyo was able to appreciate the coolness of the water against her hot body. And she really liked wearing the swimsuits that showed off her hot body.

There were a few restaurants in town, though namely a diner and a few small places for travelers to stop at. But there was one nicer restaurant that served authentic Mexican and Navajo cuisine. Most often, they ordered in from the place, but this time they were actually eating at the place. Sahkyo took the occasion to dress up a little. It was practically the only place around where she had the opportunity to put on something fancier.

“You know, Sahkyo,” said her mother, now her cousin, “You ought to be heading up to the reservation.”

Sahkyo wiped her mouth and asked, “Why’s that?”

“Well, you’ve been spending a lot of time around the farm and going into town,” said her ‘cousin’, “The whole point of this family get-together was to spend more time with the family.”

“But I have,” said Sahkyo.

“There’s still plenty of family at the reservation you haven’t visited,” said her former father, “How about tomorrow we head up there and get reacquainted?”

Sahkyo had been putting off going to the reservation because she wanted to have more fun as an adult first. But admittedly, there wasn’t much to do around here. There weren’t even any cute guys for her to flirt with. Sahkyo sighed and said, “Ok, let’s go there tomorrow.”

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Part 3

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A Testimonial - UPDATE # 13


I wanted to say that I’m going to travel this Saturday with my brother and father, so I probably won’t write for a while, as we’re going to be there for more than three weeks. 
I’m very excited because we’re going down south to Spain and I’ve never been there before, but my dad has and he says he likes the climate the best these days. I had to take a permission from work, and I was worried because I’ve only started recently, but they didn’t have a problem with that.

I hope we have a nice time there. It’ll be the first time out of the city since I changed. I wonder if that’ll have some effect, but I don’t want anything unexpected to happen while I’m over there.

That's a cute little dog!

Thank you very much. He says hi!

Thanks for the update.

What you said about knowledge coming to you and how some adult things seem familiar got me thinking.

I think, one day, you should find something that you're not familiar with but an adult would know how to do and try to to do it. Just plunge right in. The key is to not think about it. Simply let your instincts take over.

See what happens. It's just a theory, but I'll bet if you open yourself up you might find that you have access to all the knowledge and abilities of a true adult.

My guess is that you could be having a hard time accessing that knowledge either because you're too nervous, or you might be a little scared. Which is totally understandable. Growing up is never easy, after all.

But I'll bet that the more you let go and embrace your adult self, the more you will slip into that new identity.

That is, if you want to.

I’ve tried to do what you’ve suggested, but I haven’t been able to think about many situations. I sat on a car and I definitely don’t have any instinctive knowledge about how to drive it at all.

Other than that, I don’t know what else should I try which an adult knows and I don’t. Except maybe make-up and personal grooming, but I had to learn most of that through tutorials. I think I do a good job with that, but I don’t know if it’s because it’s easy or because I really do have some hidden adult knowledge about that.

I'm Italian and I am following your story with much interest. I think that you are a sexy and beautiful girl, but i think also that you are a sensibile person and I would like to meet and talk with you. Unfortunately we live very far, but I'll continue to follow your story :).

Ciao! ;)


I like Italy, but I’ve never been there either. Dad says he wanted to go to Tuscany this holiday, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. My best to you and to Italy. Ciao!

Elisabeth's story:













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The Roots Fairy II: Indian Summer (Part 1)

Our dear collaborator BLZBub brings us a sequel to my old story The Roots Fairy. Enjoy!

The Roots Fairy II: Indian Summer
(Part 1)

by BLZBub

Shauna wasn’t particularly thrilled about what was left of her summer. She only had a month left until she had to head back to school. Sure, she was going back a lot later than most students, but her last month was hardly going to be full of thrills.

Her parents had been planning this trip all summer so there was no way out of it. And instead of going someplace exciting like a resort or something, they were heading to a dusty old farm in New Mexico. There was practically nothing around for miles and even less to do. What little reception the place had was only good for phone calls and it wasn’t that reliable. The biggest store the nearby town had was just a big general store and the only fun place was the public swimming pool.

Shauna just knew she was going to be bored out of her mind before she made it to the weekend. She just couldn’t see the point of coming out here at all. Apparently it was some junk about getting in touch with her heritage, but Shana couldn’t see the point of it. The Native American way was all but gone and there were barely any descendants left to care about it. Sure, the Navajo may be the largest tribe left, but Shana knew it was only a matter of time before that gets buried in progress too.

To makes matters even more unbearable, Shauna’s parents didn’t even let her take any of her electronics with her. The only thing she had to play with was an old Indian doll her aunt gave her. That was really just insulting to Shauna. She was too old to be playing with dolls, especially old cloth dolls that didn’t even have faces.

Still, Shauna carried the doll around, if only so she had ‘someone’ to tell her complaints to. If nothing else, the doll made a better listener than her parents did. So she aired her grievances to the patient little doll until she found that she was repeating previous complaints. With a sigh, Shauna sat down and said to the doll, “I wish I knew why Mom and Dad care so much about this.”

“I was wondering if you’ll ever say something like that.” Shauna jumped and looked around for the source of the voice. But then she looked at the doll and saw that it had grown a pair of butterfly wings.

“Huh, I never noticed those before,” said Shauna as she put a finger near one.

“Please don’t touch,” said the voice, “They can be rather delicate.” Shauna yelped and pulled her hand back. It was definitely the doll that talked that time, even though it didn’t have a mouth to speak with.

“Ok, apparently I really am going out of my mind,” said Shauna, “Dolls can’t talk.”

“That would only be true if I were an ordinary doll,” said the doll, “Fortunately for your sanity, I am not an ordinary doll.”
Then the doll floated up in the air and started to change. The red cloth dress shifted into a brown buckskin one that left its shoulders and arms bare. The featureless hands, feet, and face became a lot more detailed, gaining fingers, toes, eyes, ears, a mouth and nose. The yarn hair became a lot more silky and real. When the doll alighted next to Shauna, it had changed from a simple doll to a Native American-looking fairy.

“Ah, that is much better,” said the fairy, a relieved look on her face.

“What kind of doll are you?” asked Shauna.

“I am not truly a doll,” said the fairy, “I am the Roots Fairy. I help little girls like you get in touch with their ethnic roots. And it sounds like to me that you really need to do so.”

Shauna groaned and said, “Really? I get enough of that stuff from Mom and Dad.”

“Keeping in touch of where you come from is very important,” said the Fairy, “If you have shallow roots, you are like the tumbleweed; easily blown away by the wind, always roaming and wondering where you’re going.”

Shauna rolled her eyes and said sarcastically, “Wow, I bet that’s been passed down hundreds of generations. So I guess you’re going to take me back in time so I can see how the Navajo really lived.”

“No, my magic is not strong enough to do that,” said the Roots Fairy, “But, I can make you of purer blood so you can truly appreciate the Navajo way.”

“Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun,” said Shauna dryly, “You know what, I think I’m gonna say no thanks.”

The Fairy pursed her lips. It had been quite some time since she had dealt with a child as difficult as this one. “Perhaps this will interest you,” said the Fairy, “The magic that will make you a full-blooded Navajo will also turn you into a grown woman so you’ll be able to fully experience the culture.”

That did make Shauna pause. She had been wondering what it would be like to be older and do more stuff on her own. “Would it be permanent?” she asked, not certain if she wanted to throw away her childhood.

“My magic will last until the end of the summer when it’s time for you to go home,” said the Fairy, “Your parents will not realize that anything has changed. They will see you as a distant cousin. However, there are some boundaries. You will not be able to go anywhere else besides this farm, the town, the reservation, and the area between them. Technology will become unreliable in your hands. You are receiving this gift so you can learn to appreciate your people’s ways, not so you can get away from your family.”

Shauna thought this over. There seemed to be a lot of strings attached to this deal. The Native American way seemed so boring she doubted she could ever find anything enjoyable about it. And it sounded like she wouldn’t be able to enjoy being an adult as much as she wanted. But still, when was she ever going to have an experience like this again? And this was probably the only thing that could make this vacation interesting. “Ok, I guess I’ll do it,” said Shauna.

“Excellent,” said the Roots Fairy before waving a hand. A clay cup full of a yellowish tea appeared besides Shauna. “Just drink from this and you will be transformed.” Shauna picked up the cup and gave the contents an apprehensive sniff. It smelled rather medicinal, and yet kinda sweet. Still, it ought to be worth it to have a more interesting time here. She quickly drained the cup before she could change her mind, though the tea’s flavor wasn’t that bad.

Quite soon, Shauna felt a tingling through her body. She held out her hands in front of her and watched in amazement as her fingers started growing longer in front of her eyes. She soon noticed her hands were also getting bigger, stretching further away from her sleeves. As Shauna watched her arms grow, she noticed that her sleeves were shrinking faster than her arms were growing. She soon noticed that her shirt was changing color and texture as it began to cling to her elongating torso. Her jeans were growing to match her legs, though they were obviously becoming adult style. Her feet were already bare so Shauna could see them changing size easily.

Then a completely different set of sensations hit Shauna. She gasped as she could feel her body really maturing, not just getting bigger. She felt her hips start to round out as her rear became larger. She could feel her face stretching out, childish roundness giving away to an adult oval. But the greatest sensation came from her chest. She looked down at her chest, which was a lot easier to observe as her shirt had become a low-cut tank top. Her nipples were pushing out on top of growing mounds. Shauna moaned in pleasure as she felt them grow. The knowledge of what that sensation meant appeared in her mind, soon followed by many adult things as well as an expansive knowledge of the Navajo people.

When the growing sensations stopped, Sahkyo could only sit and breathe. There were no words in the English language or the Navajo language she now knew that could properly describe what that felt like. She looked down at the Roots Fairy, which now looked even smaller than before. “Is it over?” asked Sahkyo before gasping in surprise. Her voice sounded so mature and silky.

“It has indeed,” said the Fairy, “You grew up better than I had expected. You are now truly a Navajo woman in body and mind.”

Sahkyo could not deny that. Her mind was so much more open than it had been before and she knew so many things now. It barely fazed her that she was thinking of herself as ‘Sahkyo’ instead of ‘Shauna’. It sounded a lot more right to her. “I need a mirror,” said Sahkyo.

“Easily done,” said the fairy before a small mirror appeared in front of her.

Sahkyo stared at the beautiful Native American woman in the mirror. She never would have guessed she’d have grown up into such a lovely woman. Her light copper skin was flawless and it went perfectly with her long brown hair. Her jeans were not too tight, but they allowed her to make out the thin curves of her legs. But what was really grabbing her attention was her brown tank top, or more accurately, the generous cleavage it was showing. “Is that really me?” asked Sahkyo.

“Yes, it’s how you’ll look for the rest of your vacation,” said the Roots Fairy, “And no one will notice anything wrong. By the way, you’re staying in a different guest room, you’ll know where it is. You’ll find you know exactly what you’ll need to know if you stop and give it thought. I don’t mean the answers of the universe, but enough to get you through this month.”

“What will happen at the end of the month?” asked Sahkyo.

“I show up, you turn back to your normal age, and you go home with your parents who’ll think you had a fun time if you actually did,” said the Fairy.

“And if I don’t?” asked Sahkyo.

“They’ll remember you having a lousy time. But I’m very certain you won’t,” said the Fairy, “Have a nice summer vacation.” With that, the fairy disappeared. Sahkyo stared at where she had been for a moment before deciding she ought to go back to her room. And she knew where it was now.

Sahkyo was now living in another guest room. Everyone greeted normally, though not the same way as before. It was clear that Sahkyo was still family, just not her parents’ daughter. But she didn’t think about that too hard. This was only going to last until the end of the month anyways. So long as she didn’t something really stupid, she wouldn’t have to worry. Until then, there was so much she could do now.

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